Pramudjono, Pramudjono (2012) Potret Pendidikan Kalimantan Timur Berbasis Evaluasi Diri Sekolah/Madrasah Tahun 2011. Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan LPMP Kalimantan Timur, VI (1). pp. 1-14. ISSN 1858-3105

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Educational Portrait of East Kalimantan based on Self-Evaluation of School/Madrasah, is a picture of education by looking at EDS/M as a benchmark for the success of EDS/M based on 8 SNPs, range from content standards, process standards, the competence of graduating standards, teacher and educational workforce standards, structure and infrastructure standards, management standards, financial standards and assessment standards. Based on the EDS/M, schools can make a „work plan‟ or commonly abbreviated by the term of RKS. Data were collected using selection technique, which were chosen based on the target schools of the superintendent. Samples of 497 schools were selected from 14 regency/municipality–the details are as follows; 191 primary schools/MI, 168 junior high schools/M.Ts, 138 senior high schools/vocational high schools/MA. Data analysis with description was meant to see which standards were applicable based on Ministerial Regulations number 19 year 2005, and the average value and mode were meant to see the data that often arise. The research results of EDS/M by
regency/municipality are that in general primary schools/MI are at developmental stage 2, but some of them are already in developmental stage 3; Whilst most of the junior high schools/M.Ts. had reached stage 3, even though
there are some of them that are still on the second stage; Most of the senior high schools/vocational high schools/MA were already at developmental stage 3 – fulfilled the SNP, but there are two districts that did not meet the SNP. From the findings, it can be concluded that only junior high schools/M.Ts. and senior high schools/vocational high schools/MA that fulfilled SNP, while primary schools/MI was still at developmental stage 2 and haven‟t achieved
the SNP yet. It was also found that the funding standards of all schools in East Kalimantan haven‟t met the SNP.

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