Suratman, Suratman (2010) Implementasi gaya kepemimpinan kepala sekolah yang demokratis menuju sekolah berprestasi. Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan LPMP Kalimantan Timur, IV (1). pp. 48-59. ISSN 1858-3105

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Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 2 Samarinda is a public school that characterized typical Islamic. Efforts to realize that school achievement in the implementation overlooks the socialization of school, making a situation analysis of school and outside school, situasional formulate goals to be achieved, identify functions that need to be involved to achieve the goals set situasional, make SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknes , Opportunity, and Threat), select the steps splitting problem, plan a short-term, medium and long term, implement programs to realize the short-term plan, monitoring and evaluation process on an ongoing basis. Operasionalnya techniques to achieve a superior school, achievement and self-starting is the effectiveness of the learning process, school leadership is strong, the management staff's effective; school has a culture of quality, "teamwork" a compact, intelligent, and dynamic; Schools have autonomy, participation of schools and communities; School have transparency, the school has a willingness to change (psychological and physical), and evaluating school improvement in a sustainable, schools responsive to the needs and antisipatif; School has accountability, and sustansbilitas. Output, is the achievement of schools, the emphasis digit drop out, and staff satisfaction. Constraints in the implementation of the power source is low, less socialization, the ability of human resources is low, less monitoring, the level of economic development and education is low, the implementation of the civil laws that are not consistent, the passive attitude of teachers, the level of public education about the low and the implementation of school autonomy is not in accordance with the concept of school-based management. Is a factor supporting a conducive environment, transparent management, the direct form of contract performance, the performance of a conducive relationship, socio-economic condition of a stable society, government support, the ease of madrasah formed a team and communication with otherparties involved in efforts to improve the quality of madrasah . Alternative development, madrasah make regular pattern of the class, class and superior class boarding school. Innovation is doing interviews

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Leadership Style, Democratic School achievement.
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